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A joint program by EPF Lausanne and ETH Zurich, two of Europe's leading science and engineering schools.

ETH Zurich (D-MAVT) and EPF Lausanne (Section of Physics), associated to the Paul Scherrer Institute, have combined their expertise to offer a Master's Program in Nuclear Engineering addressing the challenges of the sector in the 21st century. This program prepares students for the diversity found at the frontiers of research and industrial development in the field of nuclear technology

Talks & events D-MAVT

28 August 2017, Congress

New cold-chain and packaging technologies to reduce food losses

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7 September 2017, Congress

Tagung der Verbrennungsforschung in der Schweiz

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Movie - Students opinion



“Asphalt has a major downside”

Together with scientists from Empa, ETH Professor Jan Carmeliet studied the latest heatwave last June. ETH News asked him where is the most pleasant place to be in Zurich in summer, and which structural measures should be taken to protect cities from extreme heat events. Read more 


Testing a soft artificial heart

ETH researchers from the Functional Materials Laboratory have developed a silicone heart that beats almost like a human heart. In collaboration with colleagues from the Product Development Group Zurich, they have tested how well it works. Read more 


From Bangalore via Cambridge to Zurich

Priyank Kumar became a materials scientist mainly by chance. His enthusiasm for complex simulations of material properties took him from India to MIT, and then to ETH. Europe now feels like a second home to him. Read more 


Branco Weiss Fellowship for Fabian Menges

Dr. Fabian Menges receives a Branco Weiss Fellowship 2017 for his project “Unravelling the thermal signatures of energy transfer in nanoscale junctions”. Menges is a former doctoral student of Andreas Stemmer, Professor of Nanotechnology, at the ETH Departement of Mechanical Engineering. He will start the project which is based on his doctorate at ETH Zurich at the University of Colorado Boulder. Read more 


Awards for experts in materials and processes

Researchers and students from the Department of Mechanical Engineering participated in the 12th MaP Graduate Symposium to present and discuss their latest projects in the area of materials and processes. Aurelio A. Rossinelli, Björn Bachmann and Andac Armutlulu received best poster and best image awards. Read more 

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